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Students in VR

Students did a swim with great white sharks, flew above Dubai, and walked on the Great Wall of China. 

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Welcome Back JGHS!

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Welcome Back NLES!

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Welcome Back UMS!

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Welcome Back WES!

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Supply List

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2023 Graduation

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John Glenn Theatre Co. Presents

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100% Graduation Rate


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Freshman Orientation - Parent Night

Monday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m. Parents and students are invited if they are planning to attend John Glenn HS. The presentation will be about 1 hour and will cover Indiana State diploma requirements, opportunities for extracurricular activities, and other information. 

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Open Weights

John Glenn High School will be having an open weight room on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00-9:00 PM in the weight room at John Glenn High School. This is open to anyone in the John Glenn Community. The first night will be on Wednesday 1/18/2023. We will run this until the end of the school year. A waiver will need to be signed to utilize the weight room. 

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JGSC Students Donate to Food Pantry

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John Glenn Theatre Production

 Fall 2022

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UMS Spirit Week

Mon = PJ Day
Tues = Crazy Hair & crazy socks
Wed = Dress up/Dress for Success (school picture day)
Thurs = Color War (Gr 7 = red; Gr 8 = black)
Fri = Rock & Roll t-shirts (getting ready for the school dance)
     -Dance is 6:30-9:00, doors open 6:15, Glow in the Dark "Howl-o-ween Dance"
ums spirit
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INDOT news

About #BikeINSafe | Bike Safe Indiana
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Upcoming Event

Wednesday Sept 28 Gr 8 Tennis & Golf Lifetime Sports 8-2:30

-field trip to JGHS Tennis courts &

To Swan Lake GC *Pack Your Lunch


Thursday Sept 29 Gr 7 Tennis & Golf Lifetime Sports 8-2:30

-field trip to JGHS Tennis courts &

To Swan Lake GC *Pack Your Lunch

Friday Sept 30 Tennis & Golf “Rain Make Up Day” (if needed) 8-2:30 if needed

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UMS JGEF Shirt Day

Urey Middle School


407 Washington Street Walkerton, Indiana 46574 Phone: 574-586-3184 FAX: 574-586-3714 Web:


September 20, 2022

Photo of  T-H-E  Shirt !  as it is PROUDLY worn at  “T-H-E  U”  (M.S.)

Thank you to the John Glenn Education Foundation & Sup’t Winchell for this awesome idea & great gift !

Let’s have a Debate !  Mr. Grove’s new elective = Leadership Class participates in a very close intense debate about whether the age of getting your driver’s license should be lowered ??  Students have been developing their leadership skills including how to debate in a calm, yet assertive manner with clear reasoning.

Mrs. Smith’s STEM classes are studying, identifying, & discovering different types of energy, including mechanical, kinetic, etc,  All while using their critical thinking skills to build roller coasters.   This has been a very good teamwork & communication activity as well.

Students in Mrs. Albright's 7th-grade science class are already working with the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards! During this week's lesson on heat transfer, students observed conduction, convection, and radiation in action with popcorn! Three different methods of popcorn making were sampled and related to each type of heat transfer. (Overall, our students preferred the pan-cooked popcorn heated by conduction.

PTC (Parent Teacher Conferences) were held at Urey Thursday Sept 15 and Monday Sept 19.  All staff were present and many kids & their parents visited.  Staff worked to schedule as many conferences ahead of time, yet were still available to folks dropping in.  It has been an excellent start to the year.  Gr 7 students have very, very few low grades - they are focused and doing their job in the classroom.  Gr 8 is adjusting to the higher expectations and recently lowered their # of poor grades.  Our sports teams, Band & Choir, and all clubs have really good #’s and are displaying commitment to excellence (the norm at JGSC).

Staff recently completed PD reviewing ILEARN data with Dr. Fuller and myself on Monday Sept 12.  We have completed 2 PD nights already this year.  Our focus on the science of learning and efforts on best practices will hopefully pay off come April.  Thank you for your ongoing support !

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Excellence in Leading and Learning Award

North Liberty Elementary 6th Grade teacher Emily Batton was recognized by the Indiana Department of Education on September 9, 2022 at the first Indiana Educational Excellence Awards Gala.  

Emily was given the Excellence in Leading and Learning Award for earning the most professional growth points through the Indiana Learning Lab.  This state recognition for her personal efforts included a check for $5,000.  In total, the Department of Education awarded up to $4.6 million to individuals and school corporations across the state.  

“Indiana’s educators bring passion and energy to classrooms across the state - and it’s important that we celebrate them with that same passion and energy,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. 

“I am very honored and humbled to have received the Excellence in Leading and Learning Award from the Indiana Department of Education. The IN Learning Lab invigorated my enthusiasm for teaching through its outstanding course content. I love being an educator and feel passionate about my commitment to always improving myself,” said Emily Batton.  

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Debate time!

Mr. Groves 4th Period Social Studies class taking part in a lively debate!

ums debate time
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2022 Homecoming Friday

  22 Homecoming Friday (360 KB)
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UMS Parent/Teacher Conferences

Thursday  Sept 15th, 3pm-7pm
Monday Sept 19th, 3pm-7pm
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September 2022 Newsletter

Sept 2022 Newletter
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UMS State Cross Country

Urey Middle School would like to congratulate Grant Romer and Hunter Dupont on qualifying for the 2022 Middle School State Cross Country Meet with their times against Bremen last night!  Congrats to both young men on this outstanding achievement! 
IMG 5095IMG 5097
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Klara Guseilla - Top 10 Artist in U.S.

John Glenn Art department would like to honor Klara Guseilla. Klara entered the Celebrating Art Contest and competed against high school art nationwide. Klara won top ten artist in the US. Her work is being published in the Celebrating Arts book, and she has received a monetary award. Klara’s beautiful charcoal of a combine is intricately detailed, and has received an offer for the purchase of it.
klara tractor
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